Pave Your Walkway

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Pave Your Walkway with Asphalt

Enrich your gardening area with an asphalt walkway…

Remember last year when you slopped your way through the mud just off the lawn and just before you got to your garden? You bet you do. Well now is the time to fix that problem with a walkway.

Several things can be done to keep your feet out of the mud. Paving bricks also known as pavers, or maybe those cute little stepping stones that come in different shapes and sizes can be set out to get you from here to there. But the problem with both of those is that if you need to move a large amount of gardening supplies with say a wheelbarrow, those stepping stones will cause more of a problem than any assistance. And the pavers will only help to shake, rattle and roll your wheelbarrow so much so that your teeth may come lose.

So why not asphalt a little walkway to get you and any cart, wheelbarrow or hand cart you may need to use to get you and your gardening stuff to where it will do the most good.

Did you know you can do this yourself? Sure you can. In one afternoon you can level, apply, smooth and begin to enjoy the walkway of your dreams.asphalt walkway 1

There are two ways to create a short walkway with bagged asphalt. You can make forms, drive yourself crazy trying to keep it all level and perfect. But in this instance try a free hand style.

First plan where you want to get to and rake the pathway you want to make. Make it eye level with a very slight middle to outside curvature to allow water to drain off. Just a slight curvature, you don’t want to turn your wheelbarrow over every time you drive it down our walkway.

When you get that “base” done and you are satisfied with your work, measure the width and the length. Say your path is going to be 1 ½ foot wide and 8 feet long. Multiply 1.5 times 8 to get 12 square feet. Now you need to decide how thick the asphalt will be.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the asphalt at least three inches thick at the center and down to no less than two inches at the edges. So to get the amount of asphalt you will need you multiply the square footage by the inches in thickness, say 3 inches for a good layer. So 12 square feet times 3 inches gives you a total of 36 square feet. That is the amount of asphalt you will need.

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Lawncare: Improve your Exterior

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The Home Improvement that is worth your time.

It is easy to let things slide. Not seeing a problem due to that selective notice capability, doesn’t mean it’s not there. The ragtag look of your front, side or back yard. The lack luster of the lawn. The dry spots that so need your attention. These pesky spots can be addressed then fixed and at the same time add value to your real estate.

Ah yes, the brown spots in the lawn. Everybody’s got ‘em.

First is to determine why they are there. They were not there last year. Last year they were more around the side of the house as you remember. Well they certainly don’t get up in the middle of the night and move themselves. There is something amiss that will take some sleuthing on your part.

First get on our knees at one of the spots with a small trowel, a knife or something that you can dig just a little with. You are going to first run your hand along the grass to see if any kind of bugs flitter about when you disturb the grass. No bugs on top? Great. Now you need to see if there is something lurking under the sod. Don’t worry there shouldn’t be a giant hand that will come out of the ground to grab you and pull you under. Maybe it’s just me that thinks that!lawncare

As you take a small divot of grass out, about two inches by two inches and at least one inch past the grass and into the dirt, look through it for any type of tiny livestock that seems to be living on your dime. These might be small worms, maybe red or white, but not lovely brown earth worms. They are your friends. Earth worms keep the lawn and the ground under the lawn aerated. And that is a good thing.

If you see tiny undesirable worms or beetles munching away, like the animated ball of mucus on the TV commercial for a cold relief medicine, you need a good insecticide. Granules are the best and a very easy way to attack lawn vermin that are causing brown spots. You can apply granules with a hand spreader available at the same hardware or garden store or at a local nursery all of which should carry an array granules of insecticide. A good insecticide will last an entire growing season. Check with your local retailers to see what kind of grass intruders are common for your area.

Of course if you find no bugs that is a sign of one of two things. You are not getting enough water on that spot, or Spot the dog is getting too much liquid on that spot. The first problem is easily fixed, just concentrate your watering for a week or two on that area and that life giving liquid will give life to those pesky spots.

On the other hand, if it is Spot turning your lawn brown in spots, you will need to first teach Spot to do his business in a spot you don’t want to be green and luscious and to repair the brown spots you will need a repair kit. Sold at, again, hardware stores, garden stores and even some, dare I say, box stores. You will find a number of spot repair kits. lawn mowing

Look for one that will not only put seed down but cover that seed with a mulch to hold water as long as possible, well at least until your watering schedule gets back to that repaired spot. After about ten days you, if you keep the spot moist and do not let it crust over, you will see tiny hairs of grass coming up to reward your perseverance.
Take care of your lawn and your lawn will keep the value of your home at the level you strive to achieve.

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Home Extensions

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Home Extensions: Expanding your home in ease and comfort

In today’s time, many home owners have the task of finding space in their home that just is not there. When this issue arise, many find that adding an extension to the home is the best and most acceptable way to fix this problem. In the instance that an extension is wanted, many different aspects have to be taken into consideration. The first of these many attributes is the actual type of extension that is needed in the home. This carefully plotted action requires research and examination from the home owner. Many concerns include the type of extension as well as the budget that is implemented. With these task assigned, you can move forward and build the right extension that is needed.

What home Extensions are there?Home Extension & Remodel

With many options to choose from, the main focus is either a simple addition, or a more complex addition consisting of special roofing and wall deployment. Either extension can be added anywhere desired to the home, all depending on the overall need of the home owner. This consist of the side, front or back of the home. Aside from the angle of the extension, other components that play a factor is the home itself. Is it a single floor home, or a duplex, or a two story home? Whatever the fabrication of your home, these factors have to be weighted with your addition.


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Home Customization

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Home Construction: Adding Neat Features for Personal Customization

Owning your own home is one feat, but detailing a home to your own customization and liking is another feat that allows for the home owner to add style and flare involving their own taste. With the construction of the home underway, the best way to start the detailing of our own customized home is implemented in the plans of the project. Creativity and originality can be thus executed, expanding the overall features of the home, detailing the home owner’s personal taste and style. With these great additions to the home, there is many features that can be added to the home. Depending on the taste and style, here is some great ideas that allow for the home to be pruned to the owners taste.

Customized Features of the Home

Architectural Niceties:

One of the most unique and distinctive actions a home owner can apply to their home is the overall architect of the home. This involves adding a precise and detailed design to the layout of the home. This can be customized wooding or special exterior bounds in the overall construction. These customized areas can consist of a well-executed stairwell that is implemented or railing and posts that are carved in grave detail. Each of these items are designed and then placed thoughtfully in the home to show off great detail.

Glass and Window Walls:

window wall

This great feature is used more often than none. It involves applying a whole wall section in your home, either by use of windows or by a whole sheet of glass. This great specialization is applied for the home owner to see directly outside. This allows for the show off of their property and landscape. It also allows for the viewers to see other areas, including the patio, or pool area if it exists. With the view being the main focal point, this is a great way for the home owner to expand the home, creating new central views.

Customized Pools:

custom pool

This great addition is not thought of as the traditional pool area, but a more modern and sleek look. Customized pool areas allows for the home owner to make a unique style of the pool in shape and design. This can consist of a grotto or a well maintained landscape that uses the pool as a point of interest for the viewers. The landscape can be unique as well, applying plants, and well-formed rocks to show off the density of the pool altogether. A great addition for any home owner.


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Do It Yourself – Solar Panels

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Do It Yourself – Solar Panels

Most people are beginning to venture into the world of solar power and moving onto alternative forms of electricity,what with several campaigns popping up every other day on clean energy and the like. Solar panels have really improved the lives of people locally and the world over. The best part is once they are installed your set forever with just the proper maintain ance, they go a long way in ensuring that you are well served. Weather its water heating with solar, lighting up your home or other electric appliances getting the proper size and vaultage is all you ought to know.
Solar Panels
The only thing, however, which could probably be holding back some people is the cost of installation and complexity of it after the system has been bought. However, this has become a problem of the past and should no longer deter one from getting these handy-dandy solar machines to help out especially in cutting the cost of electric bills, or simply saying goodbye forever to unwarranted power outages. The do it yourself solar panels has completely revolutionized the world of solar installation, and it doesn’t take a guru or expert to do; its quite simple and convenient and is bound to save you a buck or two especially with the gradual fall in prices of solar panels, it only makes sense that installing it should be easy and cheep too.


An example of a do it yourself panel, is the Plug in solar panel kit, which comes with a pre configured and prewired installation component. The panel plugs directly into any standard electrical socket of about a hundred and twenty vaults range. This helps you to save both time and money on installation of the panels.

An off grid solar system enables you to save on time due to the ease in installation, it can easily be done by yourself. One only requires a charge controller, one solar panel, gold cart batteries and a tiny inverter. By using these few items, your very much capable of installing a panel that will produce sufficient power.

A solar pool heater is one of the popular do it yourself projects if your looking for alternatives. It includes a black hose and some some method of coiling the tubing for it to be maximally illuminated by the sun.

More information about the do it yourself solar panels can be found in special DIY solar kits, which are very affordable and provide a faster way of build just the right panel for your appliances and needs. A wide range of information and tutorials are also available online to help you out every step of the way.

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In the Beginning

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In the Beginning


This is where I begin the journey of discovery as I debate the topics that are curious and that I want to share my opinion.  So people say do not speak about religion politics and sports, I believe is how it goes.  Well I want to first address the issue of God.  Everybody has their own view about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going after we die.  Many try to impose their view on others through force, some coercion, while other invitations.  One day we will know the answers more completely but for now we each reach out in the way that we choose due to the influence we have had in our lives.

I dare say that God is my Father a separate personage from his Son, Jesus Christ.  I can say with much certainty that we are made in their image although we are imperfect.  As we strive to serve Them, it is best that we simply serve our brothers and sisters on this earth and give of ourselves.

Opposing views is what we are, and although we understand each other in a very different way it is important that we reason together and discuss our differences.  It simply can be boring to have everything or every belief in common.  It is way more fun to discuss and try to persuade each other.

Christ followed His Father’s plan because he fully understood the purpose behind what God, Elohim, desired for all of us.

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Welcome to my World!

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Welcome to my World!

Welcome to Hypersyllogistic,  we are here for you to get to know what makes us tick and why we do what we do.  Sit back and enjoy the read.

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