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Pave Your Walkway

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Pave Your Walkway with Asphalt

Enrich your gardening area with an asphalt walkway…

Remember last year when you slopped your way through the mud just off the lawn and just before you got to your garden? You bet you do. Well now is the time to fix that problem with a walkway.

Several things can be done to keep your feet out of the mud. Paving bricks also known as pavers, or maybe those cute little stepping stones that come in different shapes and sizes can be set out to get you from here to there. But the problem with both of those is that if you need to move a large amount of gardening supplies with say a wheelbarrow, those stepping stones will cause more of a problem than any assistance. And the pavers will only help to shake, rattle and roll your wheelbarrow so much so that your teeth may come lose.

So why not asphalt a little walkway to get you and any cart, wheelbarrow or hand cart you may need to use to get you and your gardening stuff to where it will do the most good.

Did you know you can do this yourself? Sure you can. In one afternoon you can level, apply, smooth and begin to enjoy the walkway of your dreams.asphalt walkway 1

There are two ways to create a short walkway with bagged asphalt. You can make forms, drive yourself crazy trying to keep it all level and perfect. But in this instance try a free hand style.

First plan where you want to get to and rake the pathway you want to make. Make it eye level with a very slight middle to outside curvature to allow water to drain off. Just a slight curvature, you don’t want to turn your wheelbarrow over every time you drive it down our walkway.

When you get that “base” done and you are satisfied with your work, measure the width and the length. Say your path is going to be 1 ½ foot wide and 8 feet long. Multiply 1.5 times 8 to get 12 square feet. Now you need to decide how thick the asphalt will be.

A good rule of thumb is to keep the asphalt at least three inches thick at the center and down to no less than two inches at the edges. So to get the amount of asphalt you will need you multiply the square footage by the inches in thickness, say 3 inches for a good layer. So 12 square feet times 3 inches gives you a total of 36 square feet. That is the amount of asphalt you will need.

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