In the Beginning

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In the Beginning


This is where I begin the journey of discovery as I debate the topics that are curious and that I want to share my opinion.  So people say do not speak about religion politics and sports, I believe is how it goes.  Well I want to first address the issue of God.  Everybody has their own view about where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going after we die.  Many try to impose their view on others through force, some coercion, while other invitations.  One day we will know the answers more completely but for now we each reach out in the way that we choose due to the influence we have had in our lives.

I dare say that God is my Father a separate personage from his Son, Jesus Christ.  I can say with much certainty that we are made in their image although we are imperfect.  As we strive to serve Them, it is best that we simply serve our brothers and sisters on this earth and give of ourselves.

Opposing views is what we are, and although we understand each other in a very different way it is important that we reason together and discuss our differences.  It simply can be boring to have everything or every belief in common.  It is way more fun to discuss and try to persuade each other.

Christ followed His Father’s plan because he fully understood the purpose behind what God, Elohim, desired for all of us.

People ask why God would allow so much bad to happen in this world.  Let us think about this topic a little.  Imagine for a minute if our parents stopped us from resolving our conflicts in life or they did that for us.  Where is our learning and growth?  Now do not mistake my example as to say that God does not care for all his children, but intervening in war due to wickedness, although not impossible, God will not take away a choice from a person.  The only thing that is ours in this life, I mean completely ours, is Free agency.  The agency to choose good or bad.  Now, God can try and inspire us through the Holy Ghost to avoid places or situations and help us stay as safe as possible, but we will all die some day and in my finite mind of understanding, He has a perfect plan.  We will not understand completely with are lower level of reasoning.  Our minds will have a clear understanding in the afterlife just like we had in the pre-mortal life.

God is a God of Order, and he follows laws in place that are eternal.  He cannot or will not disobey them, as there is perfect logic and order.