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Lawncare: Improve your Exterior

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The Home Improvement that is worth your time.

It is easy to let things slide. Not seeing a problem due to that selective notice capability, doesn’t mean it’s not there. The ragtag look of your front, side or back yard. The lack luster of the lawn. The dry spots that so need your attention. These pesky spots can be addressed then fixed and at the same time add value to your real estate.

Ah yes, the brown spots in the lawn. Everybody’s got ‘em.

First is to determine why they are there. They were not there last year. Last year they were more around the side of the house as you remember. Well they certainly don’t get up in the middle of the night and move themselves. There is something amiss that will take some sleuthing on your part.

First get on our knees at one of the spots with a small trowel, a knife or something that you can dig just a little with. You are going to first run your hand along the grass to see if any kind of bugs flitter about when you disturb the grass. No bugs on top? Great. Now you need to see if there is something lurking under the sod. Don’t worry there shouldn’t be a giant hand that will come out of the ground to grab you and pull you under. Maybe it’s just me that thinks that!lawncare

As you take a small divot of grass out, about two inches by two inches and at least one inch past the grass and into the dirt, look through it for any type of tiny livestock that seems to be living on your dime. These might be small worms, maybe red or white, but not lovely brown earth worms. They are your friends. Earth worms keep the lawn and the ground under the lawn aerated. And that is a good thing.

If you see tiny undesirable worms or beetles munching away, like the animated ball of mucus on the TV commercial for a cold relief medicine, you need a good insecticide. Granules are the best and a very easy way to attack lawn vermin that are causing brown spots. You can apply granules with a hand spreader available at the same hardware or garden store or at a local nursery all of which should carry an array granules of insecticide. A good insecticide will last an entire growing season. Check with your local retailers to see what kind of grass intruders are common for your area.

Of course if you find no bugs that is a sign of one of two things. You are not getting enough water on that spot, or Spot the dog is getting too much liquid on that spot. The first problem is easily fixed, just concentrate your watering for a week or two on that area and that life giving liquid will give life to those pesky spots.

On the other hand, if it is Spot turning your lawn brown in spots, you will need to first teach Spot to do his business in a spot you don’t want to be green and luscious and to repair the brown spots you will need a repair kit. Sold at, again, hardware stores, garden stores and even some, dare I say, box stores. You will find a number of spot repair kits. lawn mowing

Look for one that will not only put seed down but cover that seed with a mulch to hold water as long as possible, well at least until your watering schedule gets back to that repaired spot. After about ten days you, if you keep the spot moist and do not let it crust over, you will see tiny hairs of grass coming up to reward your perseverance.
Take care of your lawn and your lawn will keep the value of your home at the level you strive to achieve.

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